Refunds are available for Anytime and Off-Peak tickets as long as you are within 28 days of the expiry of the ticket's validity. Unfortunately, Advance tickets are non-refundable.

An industry-standard £10 fee applies to refunds, so if your tickets was below this amount we will not be able to refund it.

If you suffer a medical issue or a family bereavement, we should be able to offer a refund on your ticket, as long as you are able to provide the appropriate supporting evidence.

Collecting your tickets

You can collect your tickets from any station with a ticket machine. You will need your collection reference and the payment card used to purchase the tickets. Tickets will be ready for collection immediately after booking.

Where available, we also offer e-Tickets, where your tickets are sent in PDF form via e-mail. You can then print these off, or show them on your mobile device when travelling.

Delays and cancellations

If your train is cancelled and you do not travel, we are able to offer a full refund on all ticket types. If you have collected your tickets then these will typically need to be returned to us.

If your train is delayed and you travel, you may be able to claim "delay repay", but not through us. Train operators have different rules as to when and how you claim, so you will need to check the appropriate train operator's website.

Exchanging tickets

If you are looking to exchange your ticket for a different date or time you must contact us 24 hours before your departure date, to ensure we have sufficient time to exchange your ticket. A £10 fee applies to exchanges you must stick to the same departure and arrival stations, and you must not have collected your tickets. If you have booked split tickets, we are unable to offer exchanges at all.

E-mail Confirmation

Sometimes our e-mail confirmations end up in Junk/Spam folders (especially with Hotmail addresses at present). Please check there, and if you cannot find your confirmation e-mail, feel free to get in contact with us.

Seat reservations

Seat reservations are not always available, but when they are we will take your preferences into account. Seats are only allocated once the booking has been confirmed and we have no power to change these once your booking has completed.

If you are travelling in a group, we will try to seat you together. However, this is not always possible. Also, if your journey includes splits, your reserved seats may change during your journey, even when you remain on the same train. However, we will always endeavour to avoid this.

How to contact us

For all enquiries, please contact us at or use our chat facility.

European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution

There is a new online platform for dispute resolution at

Media Enquiries

Media enquiries relating to can be made to

Please note, we are unable to sell the following products:

Season tickets
Cycle reservations
Sleeper cabins (we sell seated sleepers)
Tickets in exchange for warrants Tickets including admission
Privilege tickets for Railway Staff
Rail station car parking
Cycle storage at stations