Megabus Gold

MegabusGold Coaches is a sister bus company to Megabus, the popular long distance coach operator in the UK & Europe and is likewise part of Stagecoach Group. You can instantly tell a MegabusGold coach from its claret and gold colour scheme.

MegabusGold is a new, innovative coach service centred around improving comfort levels for the travel both during the day and especially at night. The buses are specially designed and coach-built to support the services and are as unlike typical long distance coaches as you can imagine. For a starter there is loads of legroom, leather seats, walnut table trays, on board stewards a la airlines and complimentary coffee and light snacks. There is also free onboard wifi, power adaptors at every seat. Travelling on a MegabusGold coach during the day is more akin to first class train travel.

But it is at night that MegabusGold coaches really are something never before seen on UK roads. The MegabusGold buses on their overnight services come equipped with bunk beds style 'cabins' with pillows and fresh linen. They are the first overnight sleeper coach services. The Caledonian Sleeper has existed in trains for generations but now the concept has been applied to coaches. Advantages? Well the best one is that if you are travelling to London (for example) the MegabusGold service really saves you the cost of an expensive hotel room. It's a motel on wheels really.

For a peak inside - check out this quick MegabusGold video

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Megabus Gold