Our job is to help you find the very best deals on train tickets, then buy them in a single, transparent transaction.

We believe in keeping things simple. We think the price you see on screen when you search for a rail fare should be the price you pay - and that's why we never add last minute charges or card payment fees at our checkout.

How does TrainTickets.com make money?

Although we don't pass it on to you, we do pay a fee every time you buy train tickets through our website using a credit or debit card.

It also costs money to pay our team, keep TrainTickets.com online and ensure it stays up to date with all the information that helps us to find you the cheapest rail fares.

We cover these costs by keeping 10% of whatever saving we find you when you buy train tickets through TrainTickets.com. That means our fee could be a few pounds, or just a few pence, depending on how far we've managed to cut the cost of your rail fare.

For example: if we save you £20 on your next journey we'll keep £2 of that saving, passing the remaining £18 on to you.

You'll be able to see the size of the saving we've found you, and how much of it we will keep, when you click to find out more about your chosen train ticket from a search results content. We will always make this information clear and easy to understand.

What if you can't cut the cost of my rail fare?

If you search for a train ticket through TrainTickets.com and we can't find you a split ticket saving, we simply won't charge you for booking your rail fare through us. You'll still be free to make your purchase on TrainTickets.com if you wish.

Is there anything else I should know?

Only that, unlike a lot of other companies, we won't try to sell you anything else when you come to our website to buy train tickets.

We know you aren't here to find an insurance policy or a cheap hotel room, so we'll stick to what we do best: cutting the cost of rail fares and making it quick, simple and easy to buy them.