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When you purchase a rail ticket through this website you are making a purchase which is subject both to these Terms and Conditions and to the National Rail Conditions of Travel.

When you buy a ticket for travel on the National Rail Network through us you enter into a contract with the train companies whose trains you have a right to use by virtue of your ticket purchase. The National Rail Conditions form part of that agreement ("the Rail Conditions").

Collecting your tickets

When you purchase your tickets, you will be given a ticket reference number. Please use this reference number to pick up your tickets from a ticket machine before travel.

Use the payment card used to purchase the tickets and enter your reference number into the machine. Make sure you give yourself enough time to pick up your tickets before departure, and ensure you have collected all the tickets you need.

We would always recommend that you check the relevant train provider websites before you travel for details of rail strikes, delays and cancellations that could adversely affect your travel plans.

Amendments & Refunds

The type of tickets you have determines whether you are able to amend or refund your ticket. These terms and conditions can be found by clicking on the ticket type when purchasing the ticket on our site.

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Privacy Policy

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And finally

We reserve the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time. If we do make changes however, this will not affect the terms that were in force when you made your reservation with us. These terms are effective from 28th May 2019.